Coming Events In Broward & Miami

Friendship Cup
In the month of May 2014 Broward County and Miami-Dade County will be hosting many Cultural,, Sports and Musical events before the sizzling summer begin. Here are a few of the events that will be happening. View the flyers.

The Friendship Cup will kick-off on Friday May 16th, 2014, at the Ansin Sports Complex (10801 Miramar Blvd. Miramar, FL.33025.) Harbour View Football Club from Jamaica versus Don Bosco F.C. (Haiti). Also Haiti Entertainers & Media Team will play against a Jamaica Entertainer & Media Team. Admission $20.00 in advance and $30.00 at the gate. Gates open at 5:00pm. Tickets are available online at Further information can be obtain at 954-588-3670

Unifest 2014

Unifest 2014
Unifest 2014

Looking to showcase your singing talent? Here is your shot of becoming the first ‘UNIFEST TEEN SEN-SATION’ and to be mentored by one of ‘the hottest teen artist ‘JEMERE MORGAN ‘ son of MORGAN HERITAGE’S, GRAMPS MORGAN. The winner will bear the prestigious title of UNIFEST 2014 Teen Sensation and given the opportunity to record a remix with JEMERE MORGAN in addition to receiving a cash prize of $500.00 and to be featured on stage at UNIFEST 2015!
If interested email age, photo, and sample of your voice to UNFEST TEEN SENSATION COMPETITION to Preferred formats MP3 or video. Pre registration required and parents consent and participation a must. Gates open at 11:00pm. Ticket Price $10:00 advance $15:00 at the gate.

The Best Of The Best is in its 8th years running and is one of the largest Reggae, Soca, Hip-Hop, and RnB festival and more in North America today. It is a 10 hours long musical concert. All happening at the BAYFRONT PARK, downtown Miami, FL. On May 25th, 2014 Memorial Day weekend. On Memorial Day May 26, 2014 the Celebrity Soccer Cultural Fest, at Central Broward Regional Park. Scheduled matches for the day are Saved vs Unsaved, New York vs Florida, Artists vs Selectors. Gates open at 12 noon. Game starts at 2:00pm. Show starts at 6:00pm.






( Corner of Sunrise & 441 || Next to the Swap Shop)

Gates Open @ 12pm – 10:30pm

Games Starts @ 2pm

Show Starts @ 6pm








Floridians!! Come out and support all the events because the days are sunny and beautiful, plus all the events are Family orientated and should be fun. Nuh matter where you come from, just wear your colors or bring yuh flags to wave. See yuh di next blog!



Best of the Best International Music Festival is an event/concert like no other. It is a 10 hour- long experience with the best live Caribbean and Urban music performances in Miami!

Best of the Best is one of the largest Reggae, Hip Hop, R&B, Soca & more festivals in North America today, with a history of attendance averaging 25k plus, the influence of additional fans attending the week of celebrity red carpet club events marks this year as the show you don’t want to miss!

Diabetes education and prevention

Diabetes Education and Prevention is the World Diabetes Day theme for the period 2009-2013. The campaign calls on all those responsible for diabetes care to understand diabetes and take control. For people with diabetes, this is a message about empowerment through education. For governments, it is a call to implement effective strategies and policies for the prevention and management of diabetes to safeguard the health of their citizens with and at risk of diabetes. For healthcare professionals, it is a call to improve knowledge so that evidence-based recommendations are put into practice. For the general public, it is a call to understand the serious impact of diabetes and know, where possible, how to avoid or delay diabetes and its complications. The key messages of the campaign are:

Campaign Objectives

The objectives for the 2009-2013 campaign were informed by the work of the Federation’s Consultative Section on Education and its Task Force on Epidemiology and Prevention. The objectives were further informed by the World Health Organization’s 2008-2013 Action Plan for the Global Strategy for the Prevention and Control of Noncommunicable Diseases.

The campaign goals are to:

  • Encourage governments to implement and strengthen policies for the prevention and control of diabetes and its complications.
  • Disseminate tools to support national and local initiatives for the prevention and management of diabetes and its complications.
  • Illustrate the importance of evidence-based education in the prevention and management of diabetes and its complications.
  • Raise awareness of the warning signs of diabetes and promote action to encourage early diagnosis.
  • Raise awareness of and promote action to reduce the main modifiable risk factors for type 2 diabetes.
  • Raise awareness and promote action to prevent or delay the complications of diabetes.

In 2012, the World Diabetes Day campaign will link the urgent need for action to the protection of the health of our future generations. Particular focus will be placed on highlighting the importance of education – for health professionals, people with diabetes and people at risk – in reducing the impact of diabetes throughout the world.

The slogan for the 2013 campaign is Diabetes: Protect our Future.

Square Rootz Clothing Co.

Square Rootz Clothing Co. is the newest clothing line in fashion to bring to the masses a mixture of street wear and sophistication. Created by Ivan Linton Jr. aka “Inspekta” and Francis Forbes aka “Franchise” this Miami based company was established late 2008 and has been creating mass hysteria in the Miami-Dade community ever since.
This online based retail store has already reached out to the world and now is looking to give back to Miami and the U.S. market by putting our own Square Rootz Clothing Co. retail store here in Miami, other major cities and major boutiques near you. The theme is Japanese and the elements of Hip Hop with the innovation and creativity of both Inspekta and Franchise. Square Rootz Clothing Co. caters to all likes and all walks of life from the young to the old. We seek conquer fashion in all aspects of the game. The Square Rootz Movement is taking over slowly but surely.
Twitter: @square_rootz

Presidential Proclamation — World AIDS Day, 2011



On World AIDS Day, 30 years after the first cases of HIV/AIDS were reported, we stand with the individuals and communities affected by HIV and recommit to progress toward an AIDS free generation.

My Administration is taking action to turn the corner on the HIV/AIDS pandemic by investing in research that promises new and proven methods to prevent infection and better therapies for people living with HIV. In the past year, the National Institutes of Health has reported important progress. We now know that treatment of HIV not only improves clinical outcomes, but can also dramatically reduce the risk of transmission. Studies on the use of antiretroviral medications to prevent infection of HIV negative individuals show promising results. And research is ongoing to devise new prevention methods that may one day offer innovative ways to prevent the spread of HIV, like microbicides that can curb the risk of infection in women. By pursuing the next breakthrough treatment in the fight against HIV, continuing research to develop a vaccine, and incorporating new scientific tools into our programs, we are taking important steps toward an AIDS free generation.

To combat the HIV epidemic in the United States, we are implementing the first comprehensive National HIV/AIDS Strategy in our country’s history, which calls for strong, coordinated policy initiatives, enhanced HIV/AIDS education, collaboration across the Federal Government, and robust engagement with individuals, communities, and businesses across America. As part of these efforts, we are embracing the best science available to prevent new HIV infections, and we are testing new approaches to integrating housing, prevention, care, and substance abuse and mental health services related to HIV/AIDS. We are implementing the Affordable Care Act, which mandates new consumer protections and new options for purchasing health insurance for all Americans by 2014, including those with HIV. We are also striving to secure employment opportunities for people living with HIV by working to end discrimination based on HIV status.

To address the global HIV pandemic, we are working with nations around the world to advance comprehensive prevention efforts and provide lifesaving medicine to millions of people living with HIV. We are integrating cutting edge science into the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) that will do even more to prevent new HIV infections, including more effective drug regimens to prevent mother to child HIV transmission and low cost approaches like voluntary medical male circumcision. When combined with other proven approaches, such as condoms, HIV testing and counseling, and programs to support behavior change, these advances can dramatically reduce HIV incidence and save lives. As we move forward, we will maintain our commitment to rigorously measuring the impact of these approaches, revising them appropriately, and incorporating new ideas and technologies as they become available.

Recognizing that a coordinated strategy is essential to our success, we are partnering with a wide variety of stakeholders to promote HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention, and treatment. Here at home, States, tribes, territories, and local governments are vital partners in implementing the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, and we are joined by a host of public and private supporters and collaborators in PEPFAR. Partnerships with corporations, foundations, faith-based institutions, academic institutions, and other organizations are critically important to the fight against HIV, and we will work to strengthen these ties in the years ahead.

At this pivotal time in the worldwide response to HIV, the United States is preparing to welcome the global community to Washington, D.C., for the 19th International AIDS Conference in July 2012. We look forward to working with and learning from people living with HIV, clinicians, researchers, practitioners, and advocates from across the globe. On this World AIDS Day, let us reflect on the people we have lost and those we hold dear who are living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. And as we pay tribute to the past and current heroes in the struggle against this disease, let us recommit to bringing an end to this tragic pandemic and pursuing an AIDS-free generation.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States do hereby proclaim December 1, 2011, as World AIDS Day. I urge the Governors of the States and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, officials of the other territories subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, and the American people to join me in appropriate activities to remember those who have lost their lives to AIDS and to provide support and comfort to those living with this disease.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this thirtieth day of November, in the year of our Lord two thousand eleven, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-sixth.


Ms. Dahlia Brown, Manager, St. Mary Branch

The St. Mary Branch Office of the Diabetes Association of Jamaica after years of nomadic existence and many periods of closure has finally found a home.
The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany gave the branch approximately J$1.3 million to put a containerized office on land leased from the St. Mary Parish Council in Trinity St. Mary. The offices of The Food for the Poor and The Lions Club of Kingston and St. Andrew also made contributions to this venture.
This move by the Association and its sponsors was applauded by the community on March 25, 2009 the day of the official opening of the office. The official opening was done by His Excellency Juergen Engel the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany at the office’s location in Trinity.
Present at the ceremony were The President Elect of The International Diabetes Federation, Brussels Professor Jean Claude Mbanya and his wife Dora, Mrs. Engel the wife of the German Ambassador, Life President of the Diabetes Association of Jamaica Professor Errol Morrison and his wife Doctor Faye Whitbourn, the Vice Chairman and Executive Director (Outreach) of the Diabetes Association of Jamaica Mr. Owen Bernard, Medical Officer of Health for St. Mary Doctor San San Win, Chief Public Health Officer St. Mary Health Department Mr. Anthony Robins , Ministry of Local Government representative Councilor Dave Morris , Manager of Scotia Bank Jamaica Ltd. Port Maria Branch Mrs. Heather John -Keith ,Board Members of St. Mary Branch Mr. Flavius Laidley and Miss Sophia Evans ,Reverend Donald Williams from the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands other visitors from Kingston, and well wishers from the environs of Port Maria.
Press coverage was done by Miss Kimesha Simpson of North Coast Times. The article was written under Health feature and published in the April 3-9, 2009 issue.
The office which is located on the road leading to the Port Maria Hospital is now open to the public under the management of Miss Dahlia Brown.
The office offers a range of services which includes blood pressure check ,blood sugar,A1c and cholesterol test, ECG, vision screening , vascular Doppler (for circulation) and foot care , education and nutrition counseling ,wellness programs, outreach clinics, home visits and information network. Other services will be added as the office strives to offer a comprehensive health care approach to persons living with diabetes and the public at large to facilitate a better quality of life.
Your support is needed. Be a member, join the Association today and let us serve you today.


In 1994 the Reggae Business Association was started to create a proactive Reggae industry networking association and evolved into a company that specializes in promotions, publicity and marketing for the Reggae genre.

Publisher, Kaati states, “My background is in magazine publishing, so I produced festival programs for several years and then ultimately, the Reggae Festival Guide magazine with the idea that the “program” should come out before the festival to give the Sponsors, artists and the event itself, more exposure—so why not put all the festivals in one “program.”

What started out as a 16-page booklet in Northern California has grown in to the world’s longest running and largest Reggae magazine. Years ago the corresponding website and E-Guide were added. And then in recent years, the Digital Edition of the magazine plus our iPhone app called Reggae Guide were added completing our media products.

Now almost 20 years later, The Reggae Festival Guide remains supported through advertising and sponsorship. Current magazine, e-Guide, website and iPhone app. advertisers include festivals, record labels, Reggae artists/bands, commercial websites, travel agencies and Caribbean condo rentals, airlines, clothing lines, industry events, other publications, shops, DJs, wholesalers, health foods, hemp industry products, accessories, music industry services, industry awards, recording studios, jewelry, band tours, services, body oils and incense, instruments and drums, booking agents, and more!


  • Annual
  • Free to consumer
  • Since 1994

The world’s oldest and largest reggae publication: The Reggae Festival Guide magazine is the voice of reggae and literally drives the industry. Take advantage of this once-a-year marketing opportunity. Massive free circulation in U.S. and Canada; the rest of the world can order it through the mail for $7/$12 overseas, or read it online in its Digital Format, page-by-page.

100,000 copies are distributed FREE during the festival season starting in May of each year. It can be picked up at Rasta boutiques, hemp stores, hippie shops, record outlets, cafes, clubs and, of course, at the festivals.

The Guide is jam-packed (approx. 80 -100 pages) with feature stories, art and photography by reggae’s top aficionados. The first third of the magazine is the festival section immediately followed by standard magazine ad/editorial split.

Because of our large circulation and low rates, you can’t afford NOT to advertise your festival, band, project, website, product or service. 100,000+ potential customers, Reggae fans and industry folk alike, will keep The Guide with them throughout the year, thus seeing your ad again and again. Your ad will stay before the Reggae community for months to come, generating ongoing business.

Our advertisers keep coming back each year, often with larger ads! Why? It’s easy; it’s affordable, and it works!


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  • Since 2008
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Customers around the globe can read the ENTIRE magazine ONLINE by simply clicking through page-by-page, or go directly to the page number you wish using the Table of Contents as your guide. Fans can even click through to advertiser’s website*

You can email a page or the whole magazine to a friend on the other part of the earth with a simple click. Or you can print out your favorite article as a keepsake. Lots of fun bells and whistles make this Digital magazine a welcome addition to our media family.

Our digital edition is heavily marketed around the globe by our PR Department through press releases, news flashes, calendar listings, banner ad exchange program, outreach to reggae DJs and websites for maximum exposure, plus viewers can find the link on our homepage at

*Advertisers will benefit from this expanded market and can augment their advertising by purchasing a Digital Magazine Hyperlink (Full page ads – $75, Half page – $50, 1/3 & 1/8 page – $25) so online readers can click through to your website!


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