Today October 4th is the 34th Annual International Reggae And World Music (IRAWMA) at Bailey Hall, Broward College

Article was written by Audre Hay of Cflobuzz

October 1st, 2015


Comedian Rohan Gunter
Comedian Rohan Gunter

...And the award for best comedy Comedian goes to…

Possibly… Rohan “Mi Nah Laugh” Gunter, Nominee for Best Comedian from the 34th Annual International Reggae and World Music Awards being held this coming Sunday, October 4th at Bailey Hall @ Broward College in Fort Lauderdale.

He is so glad to be acknowledged in this category …” It’s a good look ” , he commented when I asked him how he felt about the nomination. He gave props to his fellow Nominee, Christopher Johnny Daley, creator of the “Comedy  Buss”, who he said is responsible for his comedy career….so he is in very good company!

Rohan started out as a Promoter, but he admits he’s “a hustler by heart”. At school he ran his own “Credit Union”…LOL….he would lend other kids lunch money, which he charged interest on…WOW!!!!… He  went on to hosting Beach Trips, Parties, then moved on to being an MC at Weddings. He entered the “Comedy Buss” competition, this is when people began to take him seriously as a Comedian! 

“Storytelling” is the title that he gives to his early style of comedy. He would accumulate all the stories from town, Kingston Jamaica which he would happily retell when his mother took him to country, St. Elizabeth Jamaica.

His inspiration came later in life from Oliver Samuels who he described as a “Comedic Actor”. Steve Harvey he admires for his business sense in Comedy …he feels that sometimes people don’t take Comedy seriously, hence he came up with his slogan, “Gunter Nah Laugh”. He believes Comedy is “sometimes the best entertainment package,… it is the best medicine and therefore I am a Doctor!…He proclaims.

“A Doctor of Laughter !” I confirmed.

Martin Lawrence, he likes because of the many characters he plays. He also included Chris Rock as an influence because of his “truth”!

Gunter has aspirations in the movie making business, he has done some music videos and low budget movies. He would one day like to work with Steven Spielberg…that’s right Gunter aim for the best!…Even though he is a Comedian, as an Actor he wants to play different kinds of roles.

Other than this nomination, he just did a show, he opened for the Queen of Soca, Alison Hinds, which was held at the Miramar Cultural Center, where he gave an encore performance!

What’s next for Gunter…

He will be acting as a Businessman and Drug Addict called “Bishop” in a movie called “Toxic Love”, which should be coming out soon, to follow up check his Facebook page…rohanmnlgunter, or on twitter,  gunternahlaugh! He also has a Radio program called ” Go Hard Fridays” on which he does with DJ TC…check it out!

He gives thanks for all who has supported his journey! Good luck Gunter and Congrats again on your nomination for Best Comedian! 

Look for Gunter at the IRAWMA, International Reggae and World Music Awards. For the extended and detailed version of this interview please check it out on Reggae Nostalgia Internet Radio,!


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